Pallet Truck - Electric Powered

By John Dusek on 2009-12-31 13:16:41 -

Fully powered electric pallet trucks have been a staple in distribution and warehouse operations for years.

Their niche is to transport product quickly and effortlessly from point A to point B on a horizontal plane.  Fully powered is defined as powered lift and powered forward and reverse in functions.  Some other names for these units include powered walkies, motorized pallet trucks, mobile pallet trucks and forklift pallet trucks.

Variations that are common are "Walkie" versus "Rider" types, lift load capacity and service time operation between recharging of their batteries.  The higher the Ah rating of the battery configuration normally relates to longer service durations.

The two models shown above are atypical units required of a smaller to medium duty distribution warehouse. The first illustrated Pallet Truck - Electric Powered 3,000# capacity uses two 12V batteries and was found to be the perfect fit for Business Interiors of Idaho's requirements.

The second model Pallet Truck - Electric Powered 4,500# capacity uses four 12V batteries for a 180 Ah rating.