Weighing the Load

By John Dusek on 2009-03-18 20:18:55 -

If you are scrutinizingly examining your shipping costs and find that the trucking company is reweighing the loads you are shipping out more often than in the past; it is probably a fact.  Unfortunately when this occurs the reweigh amount is generally NOT in your favor.  By the time this is found out, it is normally long past the date you've billed your customer and it's too late to professionally invoice for the additional freight back-charges.

One of the best solutions is using a pallet truck with a scale when the load leaves your site.  There are a few manufacturers that integrate a high quality scale notably by Mettler Toledo that is capable of a weighing accuracy of .1 of a pound with their pallet jacks.


Some of the same features I've published in previous blogs on pallet trucks are still applicable such as units with poly load wheels smaller than a 3" diameter can't provide an adequate bearing surface area for longevity and durability compared to steel load wheels.  The overall weight of the total pallet truck is indicative of a quality level as is the capacity rating.

Feedback from my customers and experience has taught me to suggest a scaled unit that has adequate flexibility. It should provide a capability by a serial cable to a printer and possibly have the ability to integrate readings via an IrDA communication port into a software program that can record the numbers appropriately.  A pallet truck with scale and an integrated printer could be a useful option as well.


The scale should be reasonably sophisticated to provide simple user-friendly digital procedures like calibration and be powered by either batteries and or an AC adapter unit.