A Pallet Truck with a Single Fork?

By John Dusek on 2009-04-16 19:09:34 -

It is a fact that pallet trucks can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and can be appointed with a multitude of optional accessories.

A unique but productively shaped unit is the single forked pallet jack.  There are skids that are manufactured to store upon them odd shaped or sized product.  Bulk storage and distribution of this type of product using skid methodology of material handling via pallet truck with a single fork has proven itself most efficient over the years.

An example of this would be the church furnishings being manufactured by The Marshall Company which for over 70 years has offered their distinctive product throughout the western United States and Canada. They take pride in producing top notch furnishings and take it a step further than many others by manufacturing their own heavy duty skids to help ensure the furnishings arrive at their destination intact and without damage.


One size of Pallet Truck with Single Fork is 48" long x 12 or 9" wide with a 3,000 lb capacity that seems to meet many of the specialty built long narrow skids.

http://pallet-trucks.indoff.com/media/PLT/single_fork_pic.jpg  http://pallet-trucks.indoff.com/media/PLT/single_fork_detail.jpg

The unit shown maintains a 3 year warranty on it's pump so the quality factor I've written about in previously published blogs still applies.