Mobile Material Handling Carts and Trucks, An Introduction

By John Dusek on 2009-06-28 16:30:17 -

Several of my customers who have read some of my recent weblogs have asked why I have only written pertaining to pallet trucks?  Especially as a pallet jack is considered only one category type of mobile material handling equipment.

The total integration of proper manual material handling products in a distribution process is dependent upon many factors.  Some of these factors may be obvious such as the type of material being transported, locations within the facility, surface conditions, any limitations (eg aisle space) to transport the goods and also the staff resources that are available.

It's my intention to write this article as an introduction of the more common categories of mobile material handling equipment that may be a solution to your specific requirements.  Subsequently, my follow up articles will delve into more detail of the specification variances of a type of equipment within a particular category.

The types are in no particular order.  One of the most popular pieces of equipment is the common two-wheeled handtruck for transporting unitized or boxed loads.

Platform trucks are able to move a larger volume of goods but require more aisle space and turning radius.  Deck surfaces are composed of steel, wood or plastic and different configurations are possible.

Another common category are Service carts or trucks.  These normally have two or three shelf levels.  The units are made of welded steel, bolt together metal components, durable plastic and chrome wire.

A more specialized category would be mobile Hoppers or Tilt Trucks.  This category is related to bulk load material such as chips and laundry. They are also used for refuse collection and disposal.  These carts/trucks are commonly made of very durable plastic or sometimes steel.