A Handtruck Built for Bulk Loads

By John Dusek on 2009-07-22 16:21:54 -

Having the best tools for a particular task holds true.  Moving massive oversized products can be rather awkward at best.

An everyday example would be attempting to move a standard two-door storage cabinet.  There are numerous products made that fall into this category.  Boise Fitness Equipment has such a dilemma transporting their quality commercial grade fitness equipment. 


The best solution determined was to utilize a specialty handtruck that over the years has been called many names such as an appliance truck, bulk mover dolly or transporter, heavy duty vending machine two-wheeler. 

There are many variations to this type of equipment but uncomparably one of the best for this niche of handtruck is Wesco's model WRV-66 heavy duty vending machine truck.  It includes safety features within the quality of it's structure such as the retractable wheels to help support the load in transit.