A Good Heavy Duty Handtruck and Durable Platform Cart

By John Dusek on 2009-07-05 15:51:21 -

The standard styled "P" handled handtruck and durable plastic decked platform truck go a long way in taking care of basic material handling functions of many types of businesses and facilities.

Recently, Boise State University, expanded their Student Union Building


The facility staff at Boise State's SUB have been a client of mine for many years.  After the expansion and remodeling project was completed, we determined that additional basic material handling products would be required.  The features needed were versatility, durability and longevity.

Foresight into the benefits of quality construction of product took us into the category just up from entry level units.  Handtrucks whose structural steel weight is more than that of a cheaper model have reasons it may be better constructed. Those reasons include a larger diameter or thickness of structural tubing, heavier bracing at pressure points, use of stair-climbers, a thicker nose plate and larger diameter wheel axles with bearings. Having steel wheel protectors on this Heavy Duty P-handled Handtruck is a plus as well.


The second piece of equipment chosen was Akro-Mils Platform Truck Plastic Versa/Deck.  Akro-Mils has been the leader in the durable plastics sector of material handling storage for decades and their Versa/Deck platform cart system is renowned for its true versatility and durability. http://pallet-trucks.indoff.com/media/PLT/Platform_Truck_-_Plastic_Versa-Deck.jpg