Wheel Risers

By John Dusek on 2010-01-17 16:46:26 -

Recently published was an article on Electric Powered Pallet Trucks.  From that article came an inquiry of how they could utilize such equipment with a low underclearance to load/unload from City Delivery and Straight Trucks?  The truck bed heights are sometimes substantially below their 48" high standard dock height. http://pallet-trucks.indoff.com/media/PLT/truckbed_height_image.jpg


There are many disadvantages to below dock unloading applications.  Amongst them are inherent safety issues, potential equipment damage and "end-loaded" pallet accessibility.


Obviously the logical solution is to consider raising the truck bed level higher to match or exceed the existing dock height.  This is accomplished with the use of Wheel Risers.  


There are several types of wheel risers manufactured for different applications.  Width per riser is most common with 24" over 18" to help provide a convenience for the driver because of the dual wheels. Steel is more of a standard than the aluminum because of the overall weight versus cost factors.  If portability of the risers is in high regard then ordering them with fork pockets for moving them about with fork lifts is more feasible.


Maximum height differential of truck bed to dock should determine the height of wheel riser units (normally 6" to 12") in two inch increments.  Length ordered is determined by single or tandem axles being used and axle type/placement to the end of the trailer. 

Two very popular models that provide an extra safety and convenience factor is the Wheel Riser - SWR-24-8-84 which has an 8" height and is overall 84" long and the Wheel Riser - SWR-24-10-96 with 10" high x 96" long.  Always confirm if the units are ordered and priced each or pair.  The stated models are ordered 2 each.


Philadelphia Macaroni Company found their wheel risers to be the perfect solution for those uncommon type and sized trucks.