Stretch Wrap Manual Dispensers

By John Dusek on 2010-12-19 17:49:09 -

Almost two years ago I published an article, "Tips for Transporting Unstable Pallet Loads".

It viewed the procedure of using stretch wrap for the purpose of eliminating pallet load damage in the transportation phases.  One very major exclusion I didn't elaborate on that involves savings in time, stretch wrap product over-useage and possible safety hazards for the applicator is utizing a simple manual stretch wrap dispenser as shown below and in the catalog.

The benefit to cost ratio is a total "no-brainer".  Since the advent of the acceptance of YouTube for video support, I've attached a couple of brief YouTube links that bear out comparison evaluation.  With dispenser and without dispenser.

Stretch wrap is more effective in strength if stretched to it's limit.  Would you like to be the applicator going around a pallet load backwards?