Drum Dollies and Trucks for Safety

By John Dusek on 2010-09-17 11:56:39 -

Safely transporting 55 gallon drums via drum dollies and drum trucks should be high on the igenda of any safety director or management staff.

The weight of a full typical 55 gallon drum is around 500 to 600 lbs.  Most four wheeled dollies or two-wheeled drum truck capacities exceed that amount.  The potential problem is dynamic loading forces when transporting a drum and you suddenly go over an electrical cord, large concrete floor seam or debris.  Tipping of the load becomes a possibility that could result in hazardous consequences.



One practicle solution available is using a specialized dolly that has eight heavy duty casters on it.  The Drum Dolly - Heavy Duty Octo-55 model fits the bill.  It has double the capacity (2,000 lbs) of what normal four wheeled dollies have but more importantly will provide a more stable surface area coverage of weight distribution.



Another recommended piece of equipment to consider would be the Drum Truck - Heavy Duty Spill-Less model.  Using this unit with all-welded construction, a handle and heavy duty caster and wheels will provide an extra step for safety.