Clutter Control

By John Dusek on 2011-01-30 12:43:56 -

A piece of equipment that can handle transporting a variety of materials - wood scraps, production line waste, nails, trash, machine turnings, metal scraps, cardboard, paper and continue being the most durable and cost effective would be an all steel self dumping hopper.

Obviously this would be transported with your forklift.  If the unit is placed on concrete flooring, it can be supplied with casters providing extra portability in tight places. 

The range of sizes are generally stated in cubic yards capacity with a 5 yard unit as a maximum production run unt.  This is predicated on your forklift capacity as well as muneuverablity.  One of the most common size used is the 1.5 cu yard as shown.  Further specifications are listed with the link above.