Pallet Rack Layout Grid Designs

By John Dusek on 2011-12-09 12:43:45 -

As a repeated topic of discussion and debates is how does one most efficiently design storage space.  Capacity is always at the forefront as is the amount of time it takes to move product in and out.

Recently, one of our professional industry journals, MHEDA Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, published an article referring to a conceptual design.  Researchers from The University of Arkansas and Auburn University have found a way make distribution centers more efficient.

Academically and in theory they claimed the Fishbone design would deliver a 20-25% percent reduction in costs when compared to the traditional warehouse design.  One of the main problems is that transferring such a design to realty brings up a number of major obstacles.  Like safety of the forklift drivers at intersecting aisles.  Sure, mirrors "could" be deployed; but will speed be lowered enough to diminish the probability of disasters?

New ideas are always welcome and do modernize and improve methods within our industry.  Always consult with a professional material handling expert you trust.