Freight Classification Codes

By John Dusek on 2012-10-28 12:15:12 -

Freight Classification Codes for storage products such as shelving types and components, racking, lockers and miscellaneous items has always been a puzzle to determine.

Attempting to compute shipping cost is important in enumerating landed cost of such products for either the end user or the distributor supplying them.  Recently one of our major manufacturing suppliers, Penco, provided such a list to me.  I would like to publish that list for the benefit of others.

Class   Product
50      Rivet Type Shelving, Pallet Rack Beams, Channel Lock Safety Floor Grating
60      Pallet Rack Frames
60      Particle Board
70      Basket Racks
70      Clip Type Shelving       
70      K.D. Lockers
70      K.D. Storage Cabinets
70      Locker Room Benches
70      Modular Drawers for Shelving
70      Structural Mezzanine Products
70      Steel Work Benches
70      Wide Span Shelving
85      Bench Pedestals
85      Wire Baskets for Basket Racks
85      Shop Desks
85      Work Bench Drawers

125     All-Welded Lockers
125     Assembled Lockers (assembled from KD parts)
125     Assembled Storage Cabinets
125     Lockers for Textile Industries (TPCG)

Penco Storage Products