Don't Sacrifice Safety for Used

By John Dusek on 2012-04-06 16:01:45 -

There are three main categories of metal framed storage units.  Metal shelving units normally 3 foot and 4 foot wide generally utilize clips as boltless connectors.  Pallet racks connect their horizontal beams via specially designed endplates on the ends of the beams to the vertical upright frames.

Pallet Rack Connectors







The category that is most often prevalent in small commercial establishments to larger warehouses are boltless bulk storage racks.  Better known as rivet rack named from the rivets on the ends of the beams that connect into the vertical posts.

Rivet Rack







Of the three category types the number of manufacturers of rivet rack bulk storage units far exceeds that of pallet rack and clip type shelving units.  Several have come and gone as well as the foreign markets have thrived in supplying this type of unit. There have never been any standards for the rivets or their placement specs of of rivets.  Compatibility of one brand hardly ever will link up securely or safely with another make.

For this very reason, purchasing used units can be very disasterous if ever intermixing types, sometimes unwittingly.  Especially watch for components that do NOT have logos or names stamped onto them.  Consultation with a materials handling expert might be the best bet before you commit to an unknown.